This is our team, all of which are assisting our local church in Buenos Aires and have decided to move to Misiones, which is 14 hours away, to serve the Lord in Church Planting. We have spent much time with these families and individuals. Serving together throughout the past few years, discipeling them, and growing in Christ with them. We thank the Lord for this team that He has provided. He has not only called us but each of these individuals. This again is a confirmation that God wants to do something great in Misiones, Argentina.


Omar and Rita Poje
Omar and Rita studied 3 years at the Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina and they have been praying for Misiones for over 15 years. Each year they visit Misiones where they already have a lot of family and friends. Omar is currently a construction contractor and serving the Lord with his family all Saturday and Sunday at our local church in Buenos Aires. He is also a leader there and is involved in discipleship, preaching and training of other leaders.
Laura Almaraz
Laura Almaraz was serving with us in Argentina in the area of the children’s ministry and ladies discipleship. She was discipled by Sarah and has also studied at the Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina for 3 years. She is currently a History teacher in a high school and she will be serving
part-time and working part-time for her financial support in Misiones.
Claudia Britez
Claudia is a single mom who received Christ as her Saviour shortly after becoming pregnant 6 years ago. She was originally born in Misiones and moved to Buenos Aires when she was 16 years old. She was discipled by Sarah and
since then has been baptized and has served faithfully in our local church in Buenos Aires. She has also been praying for years to return to Misiones to share Christ with her family. It is her desire to move there with us and serve the Lord part-time in Church Planting Minist
Ruth Perez
Ruth is originally from an Argentine Province called La Rioja. She moved to Buenos Aires 5 years ago to attend the Word of Life Bible Institute. After studying 4 years there she graduated and is now serving as a part-time missionary in our local church in Buenos Aires and part-time working as a physiotherapist.
Nahuel Costilla
Oto had the privilege to share the gospel with Nahuel and he received Christ as his Savior 5 years ago. Since then Oto had been discipling him in Argentina and he is now serving as the director of children’s ministries in our church in Buenos Aires. He is also studying at the Bible Institute and he too will go with us to Misiones. He will be serving part time and working part time as a Math and English teacher.
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