And this is our Mission, the dream, the plan that the Lord has placed in our heart; plant churches in the North East of Argentina in the Province of “MISIONES”. This province shares a border with Paraguay and Brazil. 

➢ It has a population of more than a million people. 

➢ Over half of all of Argentina’s native tribes are located in Misiones. There are 116 Native tribes (13,006 people) in this province. Most of the tribes speak in their own dialects, and have never heard of the Good News.

➢ It is divided into 17 cities 

➢ Misiones has the highest percentage of poverty in all of Argentina with 48% of the population under the poverty index. 

➢ The average age of the population in Misiones is 23 years old, indicating many young families and lots of children. 

➢ Over 90% of the population in Misiones are catholic